About Us

In this page you'll learn about Akemi. What it is, how it came about, our philosophy, and a bit about our story.


What is it: 

Akemi is a creative marketing agency. We help businesses sell more, get customers on-demand, and scale in Zen mode. It's for businesses doing $25,000 per month or more, and it works through testing and scaling with scientist-like precision and profitability.


Akemi story:

Akemi (明美) was born with the idea that, in its most fundamental level, business is all about solving problems and sales. We wanted to create a system that was so good and so simple, it could help amazing companies with great potential grow to new levels with Zen-like ease, while making the world a better place.

Akemi (明美) means "bright", and "beauty". Our philosophy lies in optimism, the beauty in simplicity, and the desire for a bright future.