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In this world where everything is almost identical, be UNIQUE and top them all!

E-commerce has been in-demand in this time. Mostly all types of products and services are selling online!

And even though 2 businesses have the same product/service offer, one still has higher traffic (and sales) than the other.

Why is that so? 🤔

The main reason would depend on their online store.

  • How visible their online store is to their audience (SEO)
  • How their online store appeals to their audience visually
  • How their online store provides detailed information about their offer and its benefits to their audience.
  • How does their online store connect to their audience?

Are you feeling overwhelmed right now?

Don’t be, 'cause we got you!  😉


Let your online store do the Talking! 

An online website is the core of every e-commerce business. It is the main REPRESENTATION of what your brand is.

Explaining and describing what your product/service may sound like is an easy job.

Listing down their benefits may be a regular job for you.

But connecting to your brand to your audience is another thing. 🤔

There’s a secret we got to tell you.  🤫

In order to connect to your audience, you must know and understand them first.

And once you get to know them, then you can proceed to the selling part.

But oops!!!  Don’t get too salesy! We’re not talking about that. 😤

Instead of saying, “We got a great fitness program for you. Hurry, it’s for a limited time only”,

We would rather say,

“Make a difference and change your lifestyle. Your fitness journey begins today”


We at Akemi help our clients connect their brand’s mission to their customer.

Aside from creating great visuals for their website, we also help deliver the message of their brand in a way that it will deliver value to their audience.

How can we do that?

A great landing page also needs to know and understand the target audience.

  • Know their Pains
  • Empathize with their emotions
  • Perceived Value

And once we have achieved that, we will connect their story to our client’s products/service and create a KILLER OFFER.

Akemi will help you create your online store that is unique, relevant, and most importantly, will help connect your brand to your audience.

Stop worrying about your website.

Let us take this off your hand, so you can focus more on other essential business aspects.

At Akemi, we make our clients' lives easy!


We want to make it easy for you. We'll save you time by integrating your landing page for you!


Want to know a secret? By having an optimized landing page, you can get up to 100% increased returns on your adspend. Machine learning loves a high quality, informational, landing page.